The Two Beadahs Go Wood and Silver Bead Shopping… Asia!

Ermie and Shannon traveled the globe to bring you treasures from far away lands — the Philippines and Thailand. There are many pictures to share but since you’re probably not coming here for a family trip slideshow, we will share some bead-related fun. We shall, however, indulge a bit in some unrelated frivolity that give you, gentle reader/viewer, a flavor for trip highlights. Shannon and ermie

The Philippines: Ermie’s motherland greeted us with cooler-than-usual temperatures. We went around the world to get to Beverly Hills (smiley face!) on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. We found a treasure trove of wooden beads that are made in the family’s backyard, strung on their porch and hung with care in several showrooms. These wooden beads and some we found in the “big city” of Manila will be at Beadahs the store very soon.

Thailand is a wonderland of sights, smells and sounds. In Chiang Mai and Bangkok we were humbled by the (literally) awesome temples that shelter many, including cats and dogs. Our siteseeing also included a colorful orchid farm, some majestic elephants and sweet, tame tigers.

We were accompanied by Vickie (Shannon’s aunt) and Jim (Shannon’s father, Ermie’s husband). We ate and shopped, shopped and ate, ate and shopped…..with some sleeping in between. Seemed like as good a cycle as any.

Shannon returned to California with a serious case of  jetlag and more luggage than with which she left . She is now in Tucson, doing more of that cycle…..eating and shopping, except there’s more of a healthy abundance of sleeping rather than eating. Tucson news coming sooner than later.